Who potlucks best ?

If you are a Presbyterian and go to a church potluck, someone will say that Presbyterians are the best cooks! Or they might say that Presbyterians sure do love to eat! Having been to more than one Presbyterian potluck, I know this to be true. However, I have also been to Methodist, Unitarian, Baptist, and a bunch more potlucks, and they all say the same thing! About themselves, not Presbyterians.

And I have heard this at a number of benefit potlucks, reading group potlucks, and even at Sunnyside potlucks. Can they all be right? Check out this past one in the Sunnyside Room, come to the next one on November 16 in the Bethesda Theater, and decide for yourself. Just call 8200 or 8201 to make a reservation. We hope to see you there! --Kat Marlowe