This is an informal group of residents enthusiastic about all things pertaining to food and entertaining. We are interesting in sharing ideas, recipes, restaurant recommendations, sources, and social events..


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<div class="srcBodySection">Sunnyside "foodies" organize community pot luck dinners, progressive dinners, social hours, visits to area restaurants, and Harrisonburg's Farmers Market.  We'd also like to add a recipe-sharing activity to this website.  Call Joanne with your ideas!.</div>
<h2 class="srcHeading">Meetings</h2>
<div class="srcBodySection">We don't have regular formal meetings - just a lot of great opportunities for sharing and fellowship!</div>
<h2 class="srcHeading">Contact or More Information</h2>
<div class="srcBodySection">Contact Joanne Bell at 540-437-8838 or</div>