Sunnyside in 3D

Ever wondered what virtual reality is all about?   Ever been curious about how 3D printing works (or even what it is)?   In that case, you are in luck!  Members of Sunnyside’s tech group are exploring the technology and how it might be useful at Sunnyside.

While some members of the tech group have been discussing 3D for some time, a couple of recent events precipitated a more active engagement.  First, JMU graduate students in Occupational Therapy are researching the use of virtual reality and aromatic scents to create an enhanced sense of being in nature and improved well-being for some of our more mobility impaired residents.   Second, Bill Ingham and Don Oxley participated in a JMU summer workshop on 3D printing and have started developing a capability to create 3D objects from a set of photos.

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They have developed a lightbox to capture all the images needed for 3D printing.  Both of these projects will be discussed in more detail in other articles.

At a Technology Club presentation on August 12, Bill and Don gave an overview of both virtual reality and 3D scanning and printing to about 25 attendees.  In a discussion at the conclusion of the meeting, residents indicated a desire to explore how these technologies might be usefully incorporated at Sunnyside.

Separately, Bill and Don have been exploring the possibility of a collaboration with JMU in the area of 3D.  Such a collaboration could be a win for both Sunnyside and JMU.  JMU has expressed interest in participating, and an initial group of Sunnyside residents has begun meeting to explore it further.  The group is open to anyone with interest.  It meets at 10:30 on the 4th

Monday of the month in the Massanetta Room in the Highlands.  Anyone interested should contact Don (8873) or Bill (8843).

In subsequent columns, we will go into more detail on these and related topics.  Meanwhile, for a brief introduction to the world of 3D, check out these TED talks: On 3D printing, see On virtual reality and the future of news, see

--Don Oxley