Trivia Night Last Call  !!! Presented by A Host of the Characters You Live With…

It’s time for our very last game – so tune in to Channel 971 on Wednesday, March 17th  at 7:00 PM for your last chance to watch some of your fellow residents match wits!  This will be our final airing on Wednesday, March 17th – and we have some special surprises in store for you for on Patrick’s Day.  We hope you have enjoyed watching us on Channel 971 and playing for yourself at home.

Back for their last 15 minutes of fame are:  Ralph and Karen Allen, Joel Grow, Barbara Mancini, John and Mary Noffsinger, Carol Wait, Diane and Len Young and Don Oxley!  Colleen Cahill-Landis will be the official scorekeeper, Tom Harkins will be in charge of our production, and I will serve as your moderator. 

We have enjoyed our new format, moving people around between the two teams and adding in a new mix of fun categories.  Our teams have a lively conversation about each answer, and usually end up talking themselves out of the right response!  Tune in for our final episode if you have never watched or come back again for one final dose of resident fun.  Remember:  This is your last chance to watch – so tune in and enjoy!   

Join us and share a laugh, Pat Harkins, ext. 8748.  Any questions?