Our Woodworker Heroes!

Many of us have hard-to-deal-with spaces in our house; mine was the area behind our recliners.  Not only did this seem like wasted space, but it was hard to clean behind because all of the cables for a lamp, Alexa Dot, phone and other devices.  This was made worse when one of the recliners kept moving and turning off the power strip.  What to do? 

I decided having a shelf behind the recliners would keep the cables off the floor and prevent any accidental power outages.  A short two-level bookshelf seemed good and I hoped to find one with an angle that would be bigger at the bottom than the top.  Off to the Internet, but after hours of searching, I could not find what I was seeking.  Now what to do?

I was saved when the Sunnyside Woodworkers had an open house earlier this year.  With a very rough sketch, I came on bended knee for help. Len Tuilo and Don Oxley looked over my request, had a few questions and pieces of advice, then Len offered to make me exactly what I wanted.  Of course, I paid for the materials and promised Len I would paint the shelf myself.  A few weeks later, Len called and we picked up our new shelf.  It was perfect! 

Life got in the way and it wasn’t until April that I was able to buy the primer, paint and other stuff to finish off the shelf.  It took several days and layers of paint but the shelf was complete.  After adding felt feet to the bottom and back edge (to prevent the wall from being marked if the chairs bump the shelf), it was ready to be put in place.

The shelf fits perfectly behind the recliners and keeps the cables off the floor. An added bonus is a bit more storage.  Both Dennis and I say hooray for Len and the Sunnyside Woodworkers!