The Wellness Center's mission is to enhance our residents’ quality of life by providing safe and beneficial wellness opportunities that focus on the many dimensions of Wellness.

The Wellness Center offers dynamic, innovative programming that addresses seven Dimensions of Wellness: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, vocational, physical, environmental and social. The program has received numerous state, national, and international awards. Located primarily in the Eiland Center, the Wellness Center invites all residents of Sunnyside to participate in a large number of dynamic and innovative fitness activities that are advertised in the Funside, Sunnyside’s monthly resident newsletter, on Channel 970 and here in the Sunnyside Times.

Sunnyside's BLOOM wellness programs were featured in the Oct. 2016 Journal on Active Aging. The article was entitled "BLOOM: Optimizing resident wellness at Sunnyside". The full article can be found here: [maxbutton id="2" text="BLOOM" url="../wp-content/downloads/Wellness/BLOOM.pdf"]

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