Sunnyside Times and Unplugged Ceasing Publication

Unfortunately, it has become apparent over the past few weeks and months that the existing staff at both the leadership and individual contribution level for Sunnyside Times is just not sufficient to maintain a high-quality publication. We have sought to find additional resources, particularly a new editor-in-chief, but were not successful. Because of this we will cease publication on the web and will cease publication of Sunnyside Times Unplugged with the July issue.

Sunnyside-Times has been published for six years with a completely volunteer resident staff. To all those who have contributed over the years, we thank you for all your great work to make the Sunnyside Times and Unplugged a great success. You are all heroes! Sadly though, there is a lifespan to everything and now might be the time to end this project. Hopefully, it can be reincarnated in some new form at some time in the future.

If you have comments or thoughts to share, please contact Colleen Cahill at or call 8826.

Thank you for your support over the years.
Linda Bradley
Colleen Cahill
Don Oxley