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Baby Horse with No Name

Hello everyone...I am baby horse "no name"... I am still learning to walk, today I am 6 days old and yes a little wobbly but my mom says I am doing great and looking more like father every day. The lady who runs the rescue farm is going to have a lottery to name me, buy a ticket, if your number is drawn, you can name me. The money will go toward my support because my family and friends have real good appetites.

My mom tells me that we are lucky to live at this farm, she was rescued from a bad situation which she does not like to talk about, so I guess we are lucky horses, donkeys and cats. I am making friends with the other animals here and everyone has a different story on how they ended up here at the rescue farm. First to come see me upon my arrival the first day were the farm cats (they talk funny), mom said the big black and white one is named "happy feet", maybe the rest are no name too?.

Gradually the other residents came over to greet me, the donkeys speak our language but they have some kind of accent, mom says they came from Italy originally but the old horse said it was Mexico. Everybody has been nice to me and they always tell mom how pretty I am, so I guess I am pretty if everybody says so. The man who also owns the rescue farm is an animal doctor and mom said "he is very kind and makes us well if we get sick". The doctor and his wife work very hard to care for us and they speak softly and say kind things to us, but mom said "not all people are kind to animals". The kind people rescue the animals from the people who are not kind and they try to find good loving homes for us... mom says we are the lucky ones.

Mom said I will get to wear shoes someday and there will be a special person who visits every other month to care for our hoofs and keep them healthy. There are also young people who help around the farm, they brush us and pick the burrs out of our coats, manes and tails. I am so excited to live in such a nice place with nice people, mom tells me every day that this is the best place she ever lived and she always says, we are the lucky ones.

--Luddd Creef

An update and new photo from Luddd: "Mom and her 10 day old son... on the Equine Rescue Farm in Doe Hill, Virginia... working for animals is much more rewarding than working for people. We are having a very relaxing summer of work in these here mountains.... November we move back in to the ARK!"