Meet Norma Wise – Scrabble Player Extraordinaire!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of Sunnyside’s newest residents – Norma Wise. She is living in Apartment 320 at the Highlands. Norma was born in Vinton, Virginia but has lived in a number of places in and around the Shenandoah Valley over the years. She loves to read and belonged to a book club before moving to Sunnyside. She also loves to sing and to play board games. It didn’t take long for Norma to join the new Monday night Scrabble group and quickly prove her skill. Just see a separate article about the Scrabble group on our website, and you’ll see what I mean! In addition to joining the Scrabble group, Norma may be found at the Wellness Center four mornings a week.

Norma served as a secretary to the Personnel Manager at Merck before her retirement. She has a son in Richmond, a daughter who is a lawyer near Nashville, TN, and one daughter living in Linville. Her Linville daughter is Joan Clasby, a former Harrisonburg kindergarten teacher and now the owner, along with Norma’s grandson David, of “You Made It”, a pottery and creative arts studio on Port Republic Road. Norma also has a granddaughter and three grandsons.

Norma says she dearly misses her dog Gabby, a Shih Tzu who still lives with her daughter in Linville. But Gabby spends much of her time in her very own spot at “You Made It”, and Norma frequently goes over to the shop to visit with her.

Please join me in welcoming Norma to Sunnyside!

--Linda Bradley