Meet Lois Pavelko

Books, books, and more books! Movies, movies, and more movies! These are precious items for Lois Pavelko, who moved to the Highlands in March. Lois learned early to love books and especially enjoys short stories. She also has many movies that she enjoys watching, and she spent much of her first year of retirement comparing books and the movies made from those books. Ask her which she thinks is generally better – the book or the related movie!

In keeping with her love of books, Lois was manager of the Book Store at the Princeton Theological Seminary for many years. She was also a librarian and read for Recording for the Blind in Princeton for a number of years.

Lois was born in New Jersey and grew up where her parents were in the restaurant business. Over time, she and her family lived in several locations across the state.

Lois moved to Harrisonburg three years ago to be near her second cousin and other extended family members living in this area. Moving with her was Sophie, a beagle mix that she adopted from the Jacksonville, Florida humane society. Sophie’s records show that she was born in 1999, which makes her 18 years old!

Lois has an engaging sense of humor and a hearty laugh. She confides that she was considered the class clown in high school. She also loved playing girls’ softball and has a delightful story to tell about her team playing donkey ball at the end of the season. This is just another reason to meet Lois when you are in the Highlands! --Linda Bradley