Meet Bob and Anne Spilman

    Bob and Anne Spilman moved into 1035 Glen Lea Drive in March 2017. They had lived in the Harrisonburg area for 37 years, and decided to move to Sunnyside when their work to maintain a large house and yard surpassed the pleasure derived from said house and yard.
    The Spilmans had lived in Neenah, Wisconsin for 20 years before coming to Harrisonburg, but both are native Virginians. Bob grew up in Waynesboro, and Anne was raised in South Side Virginia. The Spilmans have three daughters and one son, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Most of the family lives in Virginia, although their son is in Texas and one granddaughter lives in Massachusetts. Another granddaughter is about to enter medical school in Blacksburg, VA. All family members assembled here in Harrisonburg this past Christmas. Needless to say, a good time was had by all! Bob still works two days each week for a delivery company in Harrisonburg. Anne spends time as a volunteer, sewing quilts for charities in this country and overseas. Anne likes to play dominoes, while Bob is still deciding what his hobbies will be. Both Spilmans have kept their membership at the RMH Wellness Center and use it regularly. They are investigating various clubs and activities here at Sunnyside, so be sure to invite them to your next event!