Belinda and Merry

Hello everyone!  We are Mini Donkeys Belinda and Merry...we were rescued from very bad circumstances where food, water, and shelter were not available to us. The weeds in the pasture were mostly thistles which cut our noses and faces when we tried to eat them. 

Kind people rescued us, and we are so grateful to now be in a place where food, water, and our shelter are available all of the time. The people who care for us are good to us, and we know we are the lucky animals who were rescued.

After we arrived at the rescue farm, we talked to the other horses and donkeys who were rescued ahead of us; some were beaten and starved worse than we were. All we ever wanted was a home where people would love us and include us in their family. Being a small defenseless miniature donkey is not that easy on a farm where the food is limited. The goats, cows, horses, and other donkeys are bigger than we are, so we always eat last – if at all.

This summer has been our best ever! We have regular feeding schedules, and a big brother donkey named Peanut - he is 20 years old and has lived with the same people all his life. He was surprised and very sad when we told him where we came from and how we were abused. He told us the good people out-number the bad, mean people, and he has never been beaten or abused in any way.

Recently a family came to visit us and they have children; they want to adopt us and give us a home. They were told we would need a fenced pasture, and a shelter, and regular care. They have built us a nice place to live where we will be safe and happy, and they have kids we can watch grow up. So we are anxious to get a family and a place where we will be loved and cared for. We are grateful for our brief foster home, but we really want a real home where we will live out our days without abuse. We are the lucky ones – we were rescued.   

--Belinda Donkey and Merry Donkey, with help from Luddd Creef