Intro to Car Care for Dummies

The purpose of future editions of this column is to provide Sunnyside residents with simple, concise information to maximize the quality and usefulness of their personal automobile at a reasonable cost. The “For Dummies” title is not to call into question the readers intelligence but to simplify car maintenance much like the many computer publications with titles such as ” Windows 10 for Dummies, Excel for Dummies, etc.” simplify computer use for those of us who did not grow up with a laptop, iPad or iPhone attached to one hand.

As to my vocational qualifications, I have none. I have had two careers. One as a Highway Engineering Technician for twenty years and, one as a CPA for twenty years- after attending college as a mid-life career change. As a CPA, I did audit a new car dealership. However, I grew up in a service station. Not a convenience store with gas pumps, but a SERVICE station. My father owned a Sunoco station and I worked there first as the car wash boy and later did oil changes, tune-ups, tire changes etc. during high school. Car care has been a hobby since then.

There is little to share in terms of car care for those who purchase a new car every 4 or 5 years or less. Most modern cars require minimal service in their early years. As my old dad said, “Change the fluids and filters regularly and it will be fine.” I am addressing the “Scot-Irish Presbyterian” who wants to pay as little as possible to purchase a car, keep it 10 years or more while, minimizing the cost of doing so.

In future columns I plan to address the purchase of a car as well as the care and feeding of the machine in order to get the maximum service at the least possible cost. Stay Tuned.

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