Let's Celebrate Our Gardens!

Did you know that Sunnyside has several special gardens around its campus? One such garden is the Celebration Garden that, following the approval of Sunnyside executives, was established as a memorial to Barbara Jean Meyer and Franklin D. Way, both of whom passed away in 2011. The garden now is also a celebration of the marriage of Dr. Richard F. Meyer and Carol H. Way in 2015.

The garden, which is located at the intersection of Sunnyside Drive and Grattan Price Drive, has grown in stages. The first stage was providing the attractive concrete patio with the large compass at the entrance, along with the benches and game table. Thanks to Sunnyside’s Building and Grounds Department, the installation of water lines made the next stage possible – the planting of beautiful shrubs and flowers.

The garden is a wonderful place to stop to rest on walks across campus or to enjoy a sunrise or sunset. You can watch fireflies dance as night approaches, meet a friend to play checkers, or just watch squirrels and chipmunks chase about. When the bears go into hibernation and bird feeders go up again, birds will be back to eat and play in the bird bath. If you are quiet, you may even see a rabbit or a fox go by. ENJOY … and stay tuned for stories about other beautiful garden spots on the Sunnyside campus! --Coni Dudley