Gini's Garden

Children and Grandchildren grow up and move on with busy lives in far flung places.The necessity of down-sizing becomes apparent during which many mementos are cast aside or left behind. Former routine tasks become difficult, eyes do not see and ears do not hear as well as they did. Friends and loved ones expire. hands begin to shake and one's footing becomes unstable. Panic raises its dragon head and roars: "What will you do now?" My attention turned to the ever-present and forever surrounding earth. Enlisting the help of a local landscaper and his son (each holding a degree in horticulture), plans began for a garden around the rear deck of my home. Items to be considered included: Gini’s Garden is closed for the winter. But, Wait, an open garden tour in May will include wine and cheese. Stay tuned for date and time. Hooray – Hooray, the first of May!
Solitary Contemplation

Use of Eastern oriental qualities of restraint to assure serenity and contemplation

Study in Lines and Textures

Plants must be seen to be enjoyed -- plan beds away from the foundation


Plants should provide privacy -- plan to screen sitting areas, patios and windows

Serenity in Contrasts

Variety of colors, textures, sizes, growth habit to give interest all year long

Conifers afford beauty in winter as well as summer and are deer resistant

So Much, So Delightful

Not all of the garden should be seen from any one angle -- some things should be subtly tucked just around a corner or on another level

Lichen and Stability

Rocks, boulders with lichen, 1/3rd buried to give a sense of permanence and anchor

Placement of five boulders, completion of a stamp-sized, natural stone patio, plantings of new and replanting of existing shrubs has been accomplished. New stepping stones in new green grass paths invite exploration; an air of quiet joy pervades. The garden draws me like a magnet. I sit ona rock, in the morning dew enjoying my coffee. I bask in the noonday warmth in the fall days. Evening and this week's full moon witness my gratitude as I have a swallow of wine before retiring. I am at peace; and the panic dragon sleeps.

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