Nightside Notes

Here is the archive of the Nightside Notes, written by Bill Ingham between May, 2017 to July 2018. After teaching physics and astronomy at JMU for 34 years, Bill enjoyed the chance to write about "extraterrestrial" topics with no need for homework or tests!

Happy stargazing, Bill Ingham

  1. Four Planets in the Evening Sky [2018-07-29]
  2. Orion the Hunter [2018-02-26]
  3. Supermoons, Blue Moons, and Blue Hawaii [2017-12-31]
  4. Long Nights and Long Shadows [2017-12-04]
  5. Cosmic Alchemy [2017-10-30]
  6. Down Under [2017-09-28]
  7. The Scorpion and the Archer [2017-08-01]
  8. The Crown and the Laborer [2017-06-14]