Half a screen and Airplane mode

I had an interesting service call this morning for:
  • the ​user's ​screen was divided ​horizontally ​with only half showing
  • WiFi was stuck in Airplane mode.
​Can you guess the solutions?
OK.  I guess you gave up.  I almost did.
  • the screen was divided because the user had moved the task bar to the left side of the screen and then stretched it to the right as far as it would go.  Why?  The user had no clue.  I dragged the task bar from the left edge to the more customary bottom edge of the screen with a normal size.
  • No matter what I did in setup, WiFi would not stay on.  the PC was locked in Airplane mode.  The network troubleshooter identified the inability to turn on WiFi but gave no fix.  Finally, a reminder from a Google search led me to check the function key with the image of a radio tower on it.  Holding down the Fn key and tapping the radio key unlocked the Airplane mode by enabling WiFi.  Why was WiFi disabled?  The user had no idea.