Salvaging Windows 7 or Updating Your Computer

So, you didn't heed the advice to retire Windows 7 by January 14th, 2020.  Here are some options:
  1.  Continue using it and risk problems like hacking, lack of updates, lack of Microsoft support.
  2.  Disable any way to access the Internet.  No Email, Google, Amazon, Downloads, Ebay, Groupon, Wikipedia, etc.
  3.  Install Windows 10.  Most expensive directly from Microsoft.  
  4.  Download and install Windows 10 and buy a key on Ebay.
  5.  Buy a new or refurbished computer with Windows 10 already installed and retire the Windows 7 computer to Sunnyside Treasures Recycling/re-purposing.  
  6.  Have Linux installed to replace Windows 7,  Linux works similar to Windows, is more reliable, does almost everything Windows does, and is available for download free.  A donation in any amount is typically requested.
  7.  Buy an Apple Mac or a Google Chromebook.  Macs tend to be pricey, but typically easier to operate.  Chromebooks are typically less expensive, do most of what windows do, but rely more heavily on using cloud (Google Drive) storage.  Both seem quite reliable.
  8. Just abandon the computer and use only your tablet or smart phone until support runs out on that, too :-(

Gee whiz, I'll bet you didn't know you have so many options.  I went to Linux years ago and prefer it,  The learning curve is easy.  Linux is very stable.  I like option 5, too - especially if you find a relatively new refurbished computer - like the laptop I bought two years ago.  A few residents have the Chromebooks, myself included,  They seem quite happy with their Chromebooks.

At any rate, the choice is yours.