Please Have a Seat - Chairs at Sunnyside

--based on an original idea by Beth Anne Hayduk --expanded by Mary Rouse and Linda Bradley

“It was not until the 16th century that chairs became common. Until then, people sat on chests, benches, and stools, which were the ordinary seats of everyday life. The number of chairs which have survived from an earlier date is exceedingly limited; most examples are of ecclesiastical or seigneurial origin.” Quoted from a January 21, 2017 column by Italian Design.

Let’s take a walk around Sunnyside to see where people sit today….

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Behind Lakeview, in the Eiland Center, are chairs and a bench where one might sit to enjoy the lake at Massanetta Springs any time of the year.

Inside the Eiland Center, which houses Lakeview Apartments, Assisted Living, Health Care, the Wellness Center, offices, Meredith Chapel, Physical Therapy the Pharmacy, laundry, Sunny Treasures and other entities, are many special use chairs. Many are one of a kind. There are many shapes, sizes, and materials.

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As we stroll through Assisted Living, we will pass a number of comfortable seating areas, and even glimpse into some resident rooms and the Bethel Room, where games and varied activities are led by Life Enrichment Coordinators.

Low benches have been placed throughout the building. Inviting conversation or rest areas are placed in convenient places near entrances and elevators.
Bethesda Theater is all set for a dinner.
This inviting courtyard is adjacent to the Bethesda Theater. The viburnum there has a very nice aroma.
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No history is available about these interesting chairs. Do you know their history?
Bears pop up throughout Assisted Living. They seem to be a favorite reminder of childhood for many residents. They also think the dining area chairs are quite comfortable!
Chairs in the Eiland Canter Library are both inviting and comfortable for reading, using the genealogy resources or the computer.
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On the ground level of this large, many times remodeled building, is Meredith Chapel with its very flexible seating. Its very nice piano has a traditional bench. Arms of a chair would be in the pianist’s way.
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Outside the chapel is a courtyard with concrete benches and a swing beside a very interesting brick walkway. The bricks have been donated in honor or memory of loved ones.

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Quite near the Main Entrance are distinctive benches and a chair by the receptionist’s desk.

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Special use chairs can be seen in each of the service areas and offices on the first floor.The Clinic waiting room, Physical Therapy, and Robert's special chair are a few of the interesting ones.

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As we walk through the rest of the ground floor, we will see Sunny Treasures with its yellow settee, Physical Therapy, Foot Care, a comfortable waiting area, and then Josh’s huge well-worn chair.

As we leave the Eiland Center and begin to walk toward the Village, we spot Sunnybear napping in his chair. Napping seems like a very good idea after seeing so many of the chairs at Sunnyside!