Resident Polishes Up the Area!

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Have you noticed any shiny cars on your block? Do you wonder how so many residents are keeping their vehicles so clean? Much of the credit for this polished look goes to a Sunnyside resident looking for a hobby.

Two years ago, Baard Grindal was frantically looking for something to keep him occupied in the middle of the night. Like many of us, Baard has difficulty sleeping through the night. This led to feeling of uselessness: what could he do with all this time when he wasn’t sleeping?

The answer came to him as he was cleaning a loaner car before returning it to the dealer. He would offer to wash and wax his neighbors’ cars, at no charge. Here was a job he enjoyed! Who doesn’t derive great satisfaction from transforming a dusty, dirty object into something that shines as if it were new? Moreover, this was a job he could do in the privacy of his carport at any time of day or night.

Baard began asking his friends to let him detail their cars in autumn 2016. Business was slow at first; people didn’t understand why he wanted to do this, and some felt uncomfortable with his refusal to accept monetary compensation. However, people soon began to understand that they were doing Baard a favor by giving him the “palette” on which to work.

Sometime over the next few months, Baard will detail his 100th car. As of the beginning of July, his count stood at 91 cars detailed. Eighty per cent of this work has been for Sunnyside residents.

Baard gives several reasons for having your car detailed on a regular basis. Even with clear coat cars, he explains, regular washing and waxing prevents damage from sun, acid rain, bird droppings, and fallen leaves. Also, bugs and tar clean off much more easily if your car has a layer of wax on it. He suggests that cars parked outside should be detailed every three months or so. Cars parked in a garage or carport should be done every six months.

Baard appreciates receiving the car recently washed since he will be going over the car twice as is. But he will wet wash it if necessary before applying the other two steps. Next he uses a cleaner and polish that, according to the label, “cleans, seals, polishes, and protects.” The last step is to apply a Brazilian carnauba wax. As a final service, Baard checks the tire pressure and adds air, if necessary, blackens tires and plastic trim that has gone from black to gray, vacuums the inside of the car, and touches up the dashboard, if needed. Customers typically drop off their cars in the afternoon or evening, and the work is complete by the next day.

Does your car need some sprucing up? Call Baard at x 8880 and schedule your detailing. Perhaps yours will be the 100th car! --Susan Sheridan --Photos by Mary Rouse