The Delights of Autumn

The leaves are changing to delightful colors, there is a nip in the air and the mosquitos are history; its Fall!  Sunnyside residents know beauty when they see it and are also full of fun.

First the fun: Halloween might be for ghouls and ghosts, but Sunnyside residents like to join in, too.  Several houses sported some delightful decorations, from the giant spider at Carol and Richard Meyers house to the ghostly trio dancing around Andy and Frances Sale’s light.  Linda and Charlie Williams went all out, with a large bat, costumed dachshund and a huge dragon guarding his pearl.

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Charlie is known for his Halloween stories and here is one of his best:

On Halloween, Charlie dressed up as a wolfman and sat on his porch, still enough to be a statue.  A grandfather was taking his granddaughter around on his golf cart and he stopped and let the six-year-old off to get candy from the Williams’ house.  As she reached the house, Charlie stood up, going into his wolfman act.  Not only did the young lady leave the porch without any candy, but she immediately got on her grandfather’s lap and said “Go fast, go fast”.  Delighted, Charlie followed the cart, at which the cry became “Go Faster!”.

Further fun was had with the reverse Trick or Treaters, Ruth Poole and Jane Lotts who spread some frivolity and candy in the Glen.  Ruth even had a magical wand of candy corn! The ladies had some fabulous costumes and they posed with great style at the Williams' dragon, who was very impressed with them.

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Halloween is only one day, but the beauty of the season is much longer.  There are the colors of the leaves is everywhere, perhaps only rivaled by the glowing sunsets.  The deer are on the move, getting ready for the winter.    Look around and you will see wonders everywhere.

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Some are finding their wonder and fun at our ponds.  Bernie Smith is delighted with the two large trout he caught recently. 

It is a good time to go out for a walk and admire all the treasures around Sunnyside!