A Bear’s Bedtime

Mamabear: Oh, what a beautiful bear-perfect day! Babybear, aren’t you glad we came here? Sunnybear? Babybear: Uh huh, Mamabear, I like this bench. We can see mountains. Would this be a good bench to think about Papabear? Mamabear: Maybe. I like the woods. Babybear: Mamabear, I am getting sooo sleepy. I wanna go home and sleep.
Sunnybear: MMMzzzzzz. Mamabear: Babybear, you are right. The sun is shining, but winter is here. All the leaves have fallen. It is time to get out of the cold and take a nice, long nap. Sunnybear! We need to go before it snows! Sunny bear: Zzzsnort: In a little bit, Mamabear. The sun feels so good on my fur. I’ll be along shortly.
Sir: What? Oh no!! There is a bear here! What is he doing here? Oh no! It’s a bear! I gotta go tell Josh. He needs to know about this. Sunnybear: zzzzzzzzz
First ma’am: Oh, wow! There really is a bear here! Look at him! Is he asleep? Is he that Sunnybear I keep hearing about? I wonder if he is alive. Silly Sunnybear, he needs to get home and go to bed. Hmm, He’s kinda cute, but I am glad he is asleep. Sunnybear: ZZZzzzZZZzzzmmm
Another ma’am: Oh, poor Sunnybear! He is going to get cold! And skinny! He should get in his den and go to sleep. Hmm, maybe I will put this blanket on him to keep him warm. I need to be very careful, so he will stay asleep until I leave. I hope Mamabear and Babybear are safe. I hope he wakes up before it snows!
Sunnybear: ZZZzzzZZZzzzmmmmm
Does Sunnybear wake up? Does he make it to his den before it snows? What will Mamabear do if Sunnybear doesn’t come home?