A New Kind of Sparkly!

1. Wake Up!

“Sunnybear! Wake up Sunnybear!" “Mmmmff, it’s still too early” “No! Sunnybear, Wake Up! Babybear is gone!”

2. Searching Around

“Babybear, where are you? Babybear? Baby! BEAR!!!”

3. White Sparkly!

“Sunnybear! Here I am! Come look! White sparkly!” It’s so beautiful!” “Oh, Babybear, you scared Mamabear something fierce! You need to come back to bed. It’s too soon to get up.”

4. Back to Sleep

“Wow, Babybear, I don’t remember you being this heavy! You must have eaten a lot before we went to bed.” “Yawnnnn, mmm. Sunnybear, tell Mamabear about the white sparkly. She will love it.” zzzzz (little snore). -- Kat Marlowe and Mary Rouse