Babybear and the Scary Ma’am

Babybear: Mamabear! What happened to the Ma’am? I want her to go away and never come back! Mamabear: I don’t know what happened, Babybear. I’ll go ask her. Babybear: Oh, No! Mamabear! I am afraid of her.
Mamabear: Ma’am? Are you all right, Ma’am? Ma’am in face mask: Oh, Mamabear! Hi, I am so glad to see you again. I am fine! But there is a very bad bug going around making a lot of Ma’ams and Sirs very sick. It mustn’t touch your face, or you will get sick.
Mamabear: Oh, no! Where is it?! Is it here at Sunnyside? Ma’am: We don’t think so, but wearing the mask can help keep us safe. Babybear: I want one, Mamabear! I don’t want a sicky bug touching my face. Ma’am: I think I have one that will fit you, Babybear. Do you want to try it?
Babybear: Oh, Mamabear, I like that ma’am. Now I won’t get sick! Mamabear: I think we need to go back to our den until this sicky bug goes away! Babybear: Yes, Mamabear. We can play! And you can sing to me, and we can look at the squiggly picture books. It will be fun! Mamabear: Yes, my Babybear, we will make it fun and we will be safe.