Babybear and the Sparkly Trees

Mamabear:  Sunnybear, Babybear, wake up!  We need to go to bed!  If you stay here, you’re gonna get covered with snow! Sunnybear:  Aw, Mamabear, what did you go and do that for?  I was having the bestest dream. Babybear:  What’s bestestdream? Sunnybear:  Thinking in your sleep about all your best things.  Bear caviar, fresh fish … Mamabear:  Come on! It’s gonna snow and we need to be safe.
Babybear:  Oh Sunnybear, help the tree!  Its burning! Sunnybear: Oh, Babybear, you are funny.  It’s not burning.  It’s magic.  The tree must be very happy. Mamabear:  Oh, my, that is the best sparkly ever!
Babybear:  Oh, Mamabear, look!  More happy trees.  They are growing sparkly! Mamabear:  What is happening?  It’s bearpretty!  How do they do that? Babybear:  This is a bestest dream.
Babybear:  More happy trees!  Oh, Mamabear, look! A sparkly fell down.  Can I take it with me?  You like sparkly. Mamabear:  I guess it would be ok.  Sunnybear, do you think it’s ok? Sunnybear:  Yes, Babybear, we can take it home and have our own sparkly.
Babybear:  Oh, Mamabear!  Look!  One of the sky sparklies is really big and bright.  It makes me feel tickly inside.  It is so bearpretty. Mamabear:  Yes, Babybear, yes, it is.

--with help from Kat Marlowe