Cars? Bears don’t have Cars!

Sunnybear: What nice sounds! I didn’t know sirs could make pretty sounds. I have the best place to sit. I can hear really good. I wish Mamabear and Babybear could hear this.
Sunnybear: Where are those pretty sounds? What happened to them? I can’t make them come out!
Sunnybear: Hey! I can get in! What is this? It’s fur is the same color as mine. But what do you do with these things? It might make a nice den. Mmm, don’t think so. Too much light comes in. This is fun!
Sunnybear: Ice Cream? Is that good for bears? Oh, my, yes! Thank you! This has to be good for bears. Can I have some more?
Sunnybear: Oh, that tickles, Sir Jim! Sir, you can tickle my chin all you want, but I won’t share my ice cream.
Sunnybear: Now, this nice ma’am knows how to make a bear happy! Maybe I should go see her at her den.
Sunnybear: Hoo boy! I am tired. Maybe I can find some one to drive me back home. I think I need a nap.