Dogs and Bears, Oh My!

The Sunnybear family was going for a walk and thinking about their future. They really like Sunnyside, but haven’t quite made up their minds. They needed to decide; leaves were turning, and there were lots of acorns and all kinds of seeds to eat. That meant winter was coming…
What is going on at the pavilion? ~Mamabear, what is happening over there? It looks like tall animals and dogs! Let’s go see, Sunnybear. ~Now, wait a minute, Babybear, let’s send Sunnybear to see if it is safe. ˜What did you say, Mamabear?
Having fun.~Mamabear! Babybear! Look! Lots of dogs! They look like they are having fun. And the tall things are making happy noises. I like that!
Let’s watch! ~Ok, Sunnybear and Babybear, let’s be quiet and see what is happening. We can all sit right here. ~Oh, look, Mamabear and Babybear! See how the tall animals are being so nice to the dogs and touching their heads. That looks like something I want to do!
Can we? ~Oh! Oh! Hey! Tall Animal! Can we do that, too? ˜Babybear! Hush! We are supposed to be quiet!
Yes, you can.~Well, hello, bear family. Welcome to our Blessing of the Animals. We are so glad you came. Would you and your family like a blessing?
Is this where we belong? ~Oh, Sunnybear. I think this is the best place for us. Let’s stay. ~Yay, Sunnybear! Mamabear says we can stay. Let’s find out where they keep the chocolate. ~That sounds fun, Babybear. Mamabear, how do we know it is ok for us to be here? Who do we ask?