Sunnybear to the Rescue! Mamabear: Sunnybear! Wake up! Babybear got stolen! He’s gone! Sunnybear, WAKE UP!! Sunnybear: Mamabear! Quit shaking me! I’m sleeping. Or, I was. Mamabear: Babybear is missing! Someone took my baby! Sunnybear: I bet Babybear just woke up and went for a walk. I’ll go look. Do you remember if anything woke you up? Mamabear: Now I think on it, Babybear did wake up wanting chocolate. Chocolate! OH, NO! My baby is out there, getting lost, getting hurt, getting scared, just because of chocolate! That baby bear is in a LOT of trouble. Just you wait!
Sunnybear: Don’t get your fur in a knot, Mamabear. This is a very safe place we found. I’ll just go down the hill and look for Babybear. Mamabear: I miss my Babybear! Sunnybear: Don’t worry, Mamabear. I have an idea where I can find chocolate. Then I will find Babybear!
Sunnybear: What is that square green thing? It's going way too fast. OH, NO! Babybear is inside it! I have to go to the rescue! Babybear! Don’t worry! I’m coming.
Sunnybear: Ma’am! Ma’am! Help! I need to catch up to Babybear! Ma’am: Is Babybear in trouble? How can I help? Sunnybear: Oh, boy, is Babybear ever in trouble! Just think, running away looking for chocolate! I have to find that trouble and maybe Mamabear will quit crying. Ma’am: Hmm. You are either talking about Katheryn at the front desk or Sunny Treasures. That is where I go when I want chocolate. Hop in!
Sunnybear: Oh, Bear! What is this! I want one. Uh, for Mamabear! Not me, Mamabear! Ma’am: Oh, Sunnybear. You don’t fool me. You want a golf cart for YOU!
Ma’am: Oh, look! Babybear is going into the Wellness Center. Sunnybear: Let me out! Let me out! I have to grab that baby! No more making trouble!
2nd Ma’am: Oh, have you come for Babybear? This is one sick little baby bear! Too much chocolate! Sunnybear: Oh, I’m so glad we found that chocoholic! I’m going to make Mamabear happy when I bring her baby home. Babybear! Are you in trouble!