Found a Home!

1. What comes next? ~ Ms. Nancy, guess what! Mr. Josh said we could stay! ~ Why Sunnybear, that is great! I will be happy to show you some lovely bear cottages. Let me explain how that works. ~ Work? What’s with this work thing?
2. Paperwork? ~ Oh, Ms. Kella! We get to stay! Mr. Robert said you would help us get our cottage ready. ~ Well now, Sunnybear, I would be glad to help you. Do you know anything about paperwork? ~ Paperwork, Ms. Kella? What is paper? How does it work?
~ You’re funny, Sunnybear. If you need some upgrades to your new cottage or have to get something fixed, come see us and we will help with the paperwork. ~ No, no working papers. Paper that works. What is paper? I don’t think bears like paper that works. I don’t think bears like paper!
3. Time to get moving. ~ Well, Mamabear, Babybear, this is it. This will be our new neighborhood. Guess we better go find us a home. ~ Yes, Sunnybear. We need to find a home where we will have a safe place to sleep before it snows. Babybear needs to rest so he can grow up big and strong like you. Hmm, maybe not quite so big….
4. Snow? Snow. SNOW! ~ Oh, Mamabear, what is that white stuff? It’s beautiful! I want to sleep in it. ~ No sleeping yet, Babybear. We need to find a home, quick. We are all getting sooo sleepy!
5. Can that be it? ~ Sunnybear! Do you see that dark hole over there? Let’s get closer and look. Oh, it looks dry and safe! Just what we need. ~ Mamabear? Do you think that would be a good home for us? Someplace where Babybear can grow up to be a Big Babybear? Let’s go look.
6. Home ~ Wow. ~ Yes, Sunnybear, Wow. Babybear? We are home! ~ Mamabear? I’m so sleepy. ~ Shhhhhh