Ice Cream! AKA: Sweet-Cold

Babybear: Sunnybear, this is great. Just two bears out in the sun. I am glad you let me come. Sunnybear: Well, Babybear, I think Mamabear was needing a little “alone time.” You know what I mean. Babybear: Oh, yes! She needs some alone time.
Babybear: Sunnybear, something is tickling my nose! What is it? Sunnybear: Well, Babybear, it smells like the Sirs and the Ma’ams to me. Babybear: I know that smell! It’s the other smell. It’s a good smell! Sunnybear: I can smell it but it doesn’t smell like honey. And if it doesn’t smell like honey, I am going to take a nap! Babybear: Chocolate! I smell Chocolate! Let’s go! Chocolate!
Babybear: Oh, yes! This smells bearlicious! Oh, Mamabear, this is better than alone time! What is this stuff anyway? My paws are getting cold. This must be sweet-cold. Hmm. I still smell chocolate. I’m going to eat this up and go find chocolate sweet-cold.
Sunnybear: Oh, this smells a little like honey. Sir, is this good for bears? Sir: Oh, help! It’s a bear! Ma'am at table: It’s ok. That’s just Sunnybear. He always comes around when there is food. Sir: Your name is Sunnybear? Sunnybear: Yes! And my family is the only bear family that can live at Sunnyside. Sir Josh said we could. Uh, is this good for bears? It smells berrylicious!
Babybear: Ohhhh. My tummy hurts. It must have been that last bite of sweet-cold. Moan,moan, moan, moan… My head hurts! I think it got too cold. Sunnybear: Oh, but it was so good! And all the Sirs and Ma’ams liked to share with us. Next time, we will take Mamabear. Babybear: Nextime? Yay! Uh, what’s a nextime?
--Babybear, with help from Kat Marlowe