Lookin' for a Home

Remember when you were checking Sunnyside out? A bear family gives us a look.
1. Mamabear lookin’for a home… Seriously, you know all about these flowers? We are thinking of moving here and we love flowers. What do you think of that?
2.Checking it all out This is a perfect spot to perch and see if anyone notices me. I wore my pink ribbon so I would blend in with the flowers. It is beautiful here! Could this be our new home?
3.Bees! Stay still! Surely a bee will show up and we can follow him back to his hive. Yum! Someone told me to make friends with Andy. I don’t know. What is an Andy?
4.Stop and smellI always stop and smell the roses. Maybe I can take one to Sunnybear and Babybear. They would like that!
5.Gotta have a home… The people here really do love flowers. I do, too. What do you think, Sunnybear? Babybear? I think this would make a wonderful home. And, did you see all those fish in the pond?
By:  Kat Marlowe
Photos:  Mary Rouse