Mamabear and Babybear Go Shopping

Mamabear and Babybear at Sunny Treasures~Oh, Mamabear! Treasure! What is this place? Can we go in and look? ~I think that would be ok, Babybear. You have to stay with me. We better be careful. Oh my! Do you see all that sparkly stuff? Let’s go in!!!
Mamabear and Babybear go in to Sunny Treasures~Wow, Mamabear, Just look! Is this what they call treasure? Maybe we can take some of it with us for when we find our home. ~Oh, my, Babybear, look at all that sparkly! It is so pretty! ~Your flower is prettier, Mamabear. ~I’m not so sure, Babybear. Let’s go in and look. I wonder if bears can wear sparkly.
Babybear is scared~Mamabear! I’m scared! Those things standing on their back legs are too big! Let’s go home. I want Sunnybear! ~It’s ok, Babybear. Since we are so small, maybe they won’t notice us. I think it is a good thing that Sunnybear was out looking at trees today. Let’s go on in. Oh, this is a wonderful place!
Mamabear and Doris Field~Well, hello! Is that you, Mamabear? My name is Doris Field.That sure is a pretty flower in your hair. Have you come to shop at Sunny Treasures Re-Opening? We have lots of pretty things just right for you. Do you like sparkly? ~Oh, yes, Ms. Fields. I love flowers, but I sure do like sparkly, too! Can Babybear and I look at it? ~Of course, Mamabear. Why don’t you try on our sparkly jewelry? Something to go with your lovely beige coat. ~Jewelry? Sparkly is jewelry? It is beautiful like nothing I have ever seen!
Mamabear and "sparkly"~Oh, this is so much fun! And so sparkly! Hmm, the pearls?The brown beads? Maybe some earrings? Do you think this is too much? Or maybe too little? I love the square necklace!

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Mamabear and Ms. Lotts~Oh, Ms. Lotts! Sunnybear will never recognize me in this beautiful scarf! How do you make such pretty things? Can you be my friend? ~You look quite lovely, Mamabear. Are you new to Sunnyside? Where do you live? Maybe at the top of Grattan Price? ~Well, we are looking for a home. One with lots of trees and flowers and honey; oh, and some of those hanging things with the bear caviar in them would be nice, too. But, this sparkly place is just awesome!
Mamabear and Babybear~Oh, my, Babybear! Look what you found! These look like fun. ~Mamabear! Play with me! I am so happy you brought me here! We need to bring Sunnybear. I think he would like it here. Mamabear! Can we come here again? I like it here.
Mamabear and Babybear and chocolate~Oh, Mamabear. This is sooooo good! What is it? ~It’s called “chocolate.” I am not sure it is good for bears. ~Oh, yes, it is! Guess what Mamabear! I am not scared anymore. Please can this be our forever home?