New Trees!  Pretty Trees!

BABYBEAR: Trees!  New trees!  Oh! Sir Josh was right, there are new trees!  I love new green stuff.  I gotta go tell Mamabear.  She likes green.
BABYBEAR: This is a good climbing tree.  Bear!  Mamabear doesn’t like me to climb trees, though.  It is my favorite thing to do! Maybe it is good she can’t see me.
BABYBEAR: More pretty trees!  That fuzzy one looks funny.  I’m going to name it FunFuzzy.  Mamabear will love the purple flowers. Maybe I will take some to her.  Then she will be happy.
BABYBEAR:  Oh, I love playing in the dirt.  It is my favorite funtime.  Hm, I don’t think Mamabear will like this on my fur. I think I better take her some flowers.
BABYBEAR: Mamabear, look.  Look, Mamabear, look!  New flowers!  I brought for you, Mamabear. MAMABEAR: Oh, my, Babybear.  They are flowerpretty!  Where did you find them? BABYBEAR: Uh, down by the new trees. I hope no one misses them. MAMABEAR: Oh, Babybear! That’s ok.; I love them, and you, too.

--Babybear, with help from Kat Marlowe