Summer Home

Sunnybear:  Mamabear, that den is just too hot!  We need a summer den.  Let’s go look for one.
Mamabear:  Sunnybear, I told you we were going the wrong way!  Hmmph, just ‘cause you’re big doesn’t mean you know it all! Babybear:  Mamabear, the ma’am is poking me!
Mamabear: Whew!  That was scary!  I’m so glad this bench is here so we can rest.
Babybear:  Mamabear!  Look over there!  A summer den!
Babybear:  We are official residents.  That means we belong!  We can stay in this summer den!
Mamabear:  Well, Babybear, we would be nice and cool.  I think I will go settle down by Sunnybear.
Mamabear:  Oh Sunnybear, this is bear-beautiful!  But, I still miss Papabear. Sunnybear:  I know, Mamabear, I know. 
Babybear:  Look, Mamabear, look!  I like this summer den! Mamabear:  Hmm, it’s very pretty, but kinda big.
Babybear:  OOPS!  Mamabear!  Mamabear!  I can’t get out! Mamabear:  I think I am going to name you Troublebear.
Mamabear:  Oh, look! This one is just my size! Sunnybear:  Hmmph.  Looks kinda little to me.
Sunnybear:  Is that seat comfy?  I think there is one like it near our den.
Sunnybear:  Oh, Mamabear, I know this!  This would be the best bear-summer den!  Babybear, do you remember we were here ‘til we found our den! Mamabear:  And it’s just the right size! Babybear:  HUH-uh.  I was here?
Babybear:  Well, ok. It is like I kinda know it.
Babybear:  Oh, bear!  This is fun!  I love to climb.  C’mon, Sunnybear! Sunnybear:  Mmm, I don’t think so.  Looks kinda tiny to me. Mamabear:  Oh, Babybear, looks like we found our summer den!