... with help from Kat Marlowe

Sunnybear: Mamabear! Look! That’s the thing I was in when I was looking for Babybear. It was kinda scary, but fun. I like them. I would like to get YOU one. I could make it move for you.
Mamabear: What does it do? Sunnybear: Oh, Mamabear, it is wonderful. You just get in… Mamabear: Not me! I am not going to do that!
Sunnybear: C’mon, Mamabear! You will like it. I had a Ma’am and a Sir take me in it. The Ma’am took me in it to find Babybear when he took off looking for Chocolate. Mamabear: OK, but I am just gonna sit in it. No moving around things for me. No Way!
Sunnybear: I wonder how the ma’ams and sirs get this thing to move. Mamabear: Now Sunnybear, don’t you be thinking what I think you are thinking about. Sunnybear: Grr. That is too much thinking for a bear.
Sunnybear: Oh, Mamabear! I did it! I made it move! Mamabear: STOP! STOP! I want out! Make it stop! Sunnybear: Uh, Mamabear, I don’t know how to stop it. Maybe we should jump out. I can run as fast as this thing moves. Hold on, Mamabear, Get ready to jump!
Sunnybear: Mamabear! Mamabear! Look! I did it! I made it stop! All you had to do was jump out! Oh, Mamabear! You are not supposed to roll over!
Sunnybear: Mamabear, you jumped just right. I’m sorry you got rolled over. Mamabear: Sunnybear, if you ever scare me like that again, I’m going to box your ears! Aw, Mamabear. It was fun. Right? Right, Mamabear? You can box my ears. But, wasn’t it fun?