The Bears Find a New Friend

Babybear:  Mamabear, what happened to all the sirs and ma’ams?  When we see one, they just walk away.

Mamabear:  Well, Babybear, I think it’s because of the sickybug.  Nobody wants to catch it.  That is why we need to wear these masks over our mouths.

Babybear: Mamabear, I am tired of mine.  I can’t eat good and it gets all messy.

Mamabear:  Don’t worry, Babybear.  Maybe if nobody catches it, it will go away.

Babybear: Mamabear, look!!  A sir!  And I see his face!  I’m scared he has the sickybug.

Chaplain:  Oh, My!  There really are bears here.  Hey, bears, are you good bears?  Where did you come from?  Why are you here?  Does anyone know you are here?  Where do you stay in the winter?  What do you eat?

Sunnybear:  Mamabear, with all those questions, this might take a while.

Mamabear:  Of course, we are good bears.  Hmpf!  We never eat bear caviar, even if it is the best stuff ever.  You should know that we belong here at Sunnyside.  Sir Josh said we could stay, and Ma’am Nancy helped us find a very nice den with a view. 

Babybear: It’s in the woods!

Mamabear:  Hush Babybear, I’m tellin’ a story!  Anyway there was a fire in the woods and we had to leave. P-Papabear couldn’t come with us.

Sunnybear:  Aw, Mamabear, don’t cry.  We have a safe den now.  Sir, we are as, ascots.

Babybear: What is an asascot?

Sunnybear:  It means we got named after Sunnyside and that lets people know that we belong here.  We get to have adventures and meet nice ma’ams and sirs.  Sir, are you a nice sir?

Chaplain:  Ha, ha, I hope I am a nice sir.  I am a Chaplain, too.

Babybear:  Mamabear. Is he a Chap’n?

Mamabear:  I guess so.  That sounds like what he said. 

Sunnybear:  What do Chap’ns do?  Do you know about the sickybug?

Chaplain:  Well, Chaplains visit people and we talk to them to help them understand some things and know that they are loved.

Sunnybear: loved?

Chaplain:  I didn’t wear a mask in the woods because I thought I would not see anyone.  It’s so peaceful here in the woods.  But I have it on now.

Sunnybear:  Well, Sir Chap’n, sounds like you know about the sickybug.  You have to wear a mask all the time if you want to see sirs and ma’ams.  They are kinda jumpy right now.Chaplain:  You are right, Sir Sunnybear.  I will keep it on.  I hope to see you again.

Babybear: Chap’n, could you bring me – uh, bring Sunnybear!  Some honey?  He really likes it!  Chocolate, too!  He loves chocolate, too!

Mamabear:  Babybear. Hush. Your. Mouth!

All Bears:  Bye, Chap’n

SunnybearLove?  What’s that all about?  He called me Sir Sunnybear! Me!  Oh.  Too much for this bear...
--Kat Marlowe