To Market We Shall Go…

Babybear: Look, Mamabear, look! Is that bear food? It sure looks good!Mamabear: That Ma’am looks nice. Let’s go ask real polite.
Mamabear: Oh, ma’am, are you a nice Ma’am? I am Mamabear, and this is Babybear. We are hungry. Are localyellowfreestonepeaches good for bears?Ma’am: Well, hello there, Mamabear! My name is Edith. I have never had a bear come to our market before. I don’t know if bears like peaches. I am sure you can find something good to eat here. Just look around.
Babybear: Huh. This must be the localyellowfreestonepeaches. I wonder what would happen if I just jumped in. It smells bearlicious.
Babybear: Mamabear, look! Honey! We gotta go get Sunnybear! He loves honey. Mm, mm, now I do too!
Mamabear: Ma’am Edith! I found some bear food! We love nuts. How do you get into these things?
Mamabear: Babybear, this is the most wonderful place. Honey, nuts and flowers! Bear heaven!Babybear: I want to go back and get some honey for Sunnybear. Mamabear: Don’t worry, Babybear. Next time we will bring Sunnybear. Babybear: Mamabear? I think I like Ma’am Edith. I want to come back and get some honey for Sunnybear.

--with help from Kat Marlowe