We Found It!

1. Mamabear, Sunnybear, & Babybear at Lyons Pavilion ~ Wow, that was a big decision, Mamabear. I just know this will be such a happy home. What do you think, Babybear? ~ Oh, Yes! Let’s go find our place! ~ Well, Babybear, I do think it is a wonderful place, but how do we know we can have a home here? Who would we ask, Sunnybear? Where do we start?
2. Sunnybear with Zelda Mackey ~ Well, my goodness! There is a bear in here! ~ Oh, please don’t be afraid, Tall Animal. We just want to find out if we can have a home here. ~ Please, just call me ma’am. I think it would be wonderful to have a nice friendly bear family here. I think you need to talk to Josh or Frank. ~ What is a Josh and a Frank? ~ Well, they are humans, like me. They are called men. I’m sure you can find one of them to ask. When you get all settled, let me know if you need any house cleaning. ~ Huh. Tall animals, ma’ams, humans, men, Joshes and Franks. Too much for this bear!
3. Sunnybear with Robert ~ Are you a Josh or a Frank? ~ No, oh man, who let this bear in here? ~ Oh, no! I am not a man. My family decided we wanted to live here. It is so pretty here! I better keep looking for a Josh or a Frank. ~ Well, now, if you get permission to live here, I can make sure you get settled into a nice home. ~ Huh. What is a nice bear home?
4. Sunnybear with Corson Lobby Receptionist ~ Ma’am, are you a ma’am too? I am looking for a Josh or a Frank. We want to live here, if it is ok. ~ Well, you need to talk to Mr. Josh. He can tell you. But, I don’t know. We’ve never had bears here. Are you a nice bear? ~ Oh, yes, ma’am. My momma tells me that all the time. ~ Well, you just sit over there and I will see if Mr. Josh will talk to you.
5. Sunnybear waiting in Corson Lobby, with Mr. Bill ~ Tum ti tum tum. Tum ti tum tum. ~ Is that you, Sunnybear? Are you still here? I haven’t seen you in a while. ~ Oh, Mr. Bill, ma’am! Or are you a man? We want to find a home here at Sunnyside! The Ma’ams are so nice! ~ Ma’ams! I’m not a ma’am. I am a Mr. Better just call men Sir, and women Ma’am. ~ Everyone is a sir or a ma’am? Bears are just bears! Well, except Mamabear. Is she a ma’am? ~ You got it. Good luck finding a home.
6 Sunnybear with Josh ~ Oh my, what a lovely home! Mr. Josh, my name is Sunnybear, and my family and I want to ask if it is ok for us to find a home in your forest. We are a very nice bear family, and we think you live in the best place ever. ~ Mr. Sunnybear, it is good to meet you! I have been hearing a lot of nice things about you and your Mamabear and little Babybear. But, you know, sometimes bears do things that make people unhappy. Do you think that your family will do that? ~ Oh. I think you must be talking about the bear caviar. Well, I guess we can give that up. But can we eat honey here? I heard that Mr. Andy makes honey. ~ You have to talk to him about that. Well, it’s ok if you want to find a home here. There are some nice woods here – on Grattan Price and on Hickory Cove. I will have someone take you around to see what you would like. ~ Oh! Oh! Thank you!
7. Got it! Thank you. ~ Oh! Oh! Oh! I gotta go tell Mamabear! We can have a home!
Story by Kathleen Marlowe Photos by Mary Rouse