Geek Squad

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The “Geek Squad” (shown above) is a group of about a dozen residents who are on call to help their neighbors with technical support for things digital – such as computers, tablets, smartphones, or television sets. They can fix minor problems on the spot, and for problems beyond their ability to fix, they can recommend ‘outside’ or commercial resources to help them. They are also the people who staff the monthly help session meetings of the Computer Club (1 PM on the fourth Monday of each month, in the Allegheny Room).

Examples of problems the Geek Squad has addressed include:

  • Networking problems - including installations, upgrades, connectivity
  • Email problems - including set-up, recovery, loss of access, change of address
  • TV problems - including set-up of smart TV’s or internet devices
  • New computer set-up and configuration, moving data from old systems, etc.
  • Handling photos - including importing from phones
  • Virus and malware problems - including recovery after an attack, set-up
  • Printer problems - including set-up, problem diagnosis and repair
  • Backup and recovery
  • Support for iPads, tablets, Kindles, phones
  • Performance issues
  • Access to Sunnyside-Times website and Community Apps
  • System upgrades

The membership in this group varies over time, and is pretty much self-selected from residents who have been attending the Computer Club. Expertise within the group also varies widely – – some are better with PCs, others with Macs, others with tablets or network issues, etc. Joanne Bell (8838 or jobell@ntelos net) can identify the person(s) most likely to have the expertise you need. If it is not urgent, you can also send email to with an explanation of the problem and someone will contact you to follow-up.

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