Internet Connection Recommendations

Choosing Cable or Sunnyside DSL

The choice depends on the bandwidth you need. Comcast’s service is available in several ‘tiers’ or speeds, starting at about 10 MBPS, and the price varies with the level of service you want. The Lumos DSL connection, provided by the local ISP Lumos through a contract with Sunnyside at $25/month, generally provides 4 - 7 MPBS, although it varies by time of day and possibly by location.

The Geek Squad suggests that MOST residents do not need the more expensive Comcast connection. The less expensive DSL connection will easily support email, browsing, and even high-definition video streaming. However, if you’re into bandwidth-hungry applications like online video games, you might prefer the Comcast connection.

If you have been using Comcast, and you want to use that service here, you MAY not be able to keep your email address; check with the local Comcast office. If you sign up for the Lumos DSL, you will get a new email address ending in

Other internet connection services (e.g., Verizon, Charter, etc.) are not available at Sunnyside.

Many residents prefer to have a wireless (WiFi) connection in their apartment to be able to use multiple portable devices (such as laptops, tablets, smart television sets (or dongles) and smartphones) and connections between printers and those devices. Routers are available from Sunnyside’s IT department or from Comcast, depending on what service you sign up for.