Below are some descriptions of some of the features of Sunnyside-Times intended to help you use the website. If you have difficulty using the site for any reason, feel free to contact any member of the Computer Club and they will try to assist you. You may also send email to or call Don at 8873. Also, if you encounter difficulties, but are able to work through them on your own, we would be very interested in learning about them so we can try to improve the site or at least improve the help.


Navigation around the site is accomplished through the use of menus and buttons. For more details: Navigation

Calendar - Finding Events

There is a rich set of capabilities associated with the Sunnyside-Times calendar. You can see at a glance all events, you can see selected subsets of events such as trips or club events, and you can get a detailed view of a specific event which you may then import to your personal calendar. For more details:

Activities, Campus Life and Committees Use these menu items to find out about a variety of activities and organizations at Sunnyside. Each entry may have a somewhat different format depending on what information it wants to convey. Each page reached from a menu item contains a number of buttons that will link you to information on the selected activity or group or other thing. Many items contain links within their content that connects to other items of related interest, so it is possible to navigate to many entities from different paths.