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Updated 3-18-22

All residents are welcome not only to attend Tech Forum meetings, but also to participate in the various projects which include the Geek Squad, Sunnyside Times and Technology Program Assistance Group & Social Hour. These and their POCs are discussed below

General POC and Meeting Information:

Colleen Cahill-Landis (8826)

1st Monday of every month 10:30 am

Presently via Zoom

Purpose (Under review)

Sunnyside Tech Forum is a resident club with the purpose to explore, support, and encourage the use of technology by residents. This may be for improvement of life at Sunnyside or just pure enjoyment of new cutting-edge capabilities. The Tech forum also provides input to the Resident Council as required as a standing committee. The Tech Forum operates as a collection of members who informally organize themselves into projects (> 3 people). The Tech Forum is actively seeking participants to join the Tech Forum or one of its many projects with both their time, talents and their ideas.

Projects (in no special order)

  • Geek Squad (

  1. Assists residents with their current technologies at their request

  2. Provides advice on replacement and upgrades to technology

  3. Holds help session every fourth Monday from 1 - 2 pm in the Allegany Room, HL

  4. Contact Colleen Cahill-Landis (8826)

  • Technology Program Assistance Group & Social Hour (TPAG&SH)

  1. Meets to discuss future programs for resident presentations (e.g., Tech Talks)

  1. Also tracks general resident presentations (e.g., Green Community and Sunnyside 101)

  2. Holds meetings every Wed. at 4 pm via Zoom (at present)

  3. Contact Jim Kellett (4798)

  • Sunnyside Times (

  1. Online website with current Sunnyside articles of interest

  1. Unplugged - selected articles from the website that are printed for residents in Health Care, Assisted Living and those who opt in from Independent Living

  2. Other items of resident interest - This is the Sunnyside Times web site

  3. Contact Linda Bradley (8663)

  • Annual Tech Faire (link to last year's article)

  1. Expose residents and staff to technology for seniors; Sunnyside Marketing is a partner for this event.

  1. Provide a hands-on experience

  2. Next Faire is in the Bethesda Theatre on 9-9-22

  3. Contact Colleen Cahill-Landis (8826)

  • Individually Promote Technology (Tech Forum as a whole, but may become projects)

  1. Liaison with Sunnyside IT department

  1. Electronic recycling

  2. Echo Dot program

  3. VR glasses program

  4. Drones

  5. Computer control of light displays (e.g., Pavilion Christmas light show)

  6. Educational programs

  7. Ham radio

  8. Weather Station (


A small group of residents met in April 2009 to share their interest in computers. They decided that their goal was to educate themselves and other residents. The club grew over the years until today it has over 100 people on its email list for reminders and information. Projects naturally were formed with interested party and include the Geek Squad to assist residents with their technology issues, TPAG&SH to sponsor monthly tech talks, Sunnyside Times ( a resident led website) and Sunnyside Writers has spun off as their own club ( Members also have a number of their own on-going technology project which may grow into a project (e.g., virtual reality glasses program).

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