Woodworking at Sunnyside

The resident woodworking shop, located on the ground floor of the Highlands, is a well-equipped shop waiting for you and your project. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or someone interested in learning, you are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of an excellent Sunnyside facility.

The Shop

Look at the slideshow at the right for a few pictures from the development of the shop. Beginning in late 2020, the woodworking team has completely redeveloped the shop to a modern, well equipped facility complete with dust collection, good lighting, excellent workbenches, and a wide variety of tools.

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Click image to start slideshow


In the slideshow to the left you can see some of the projects done by various groups. One big annual project is the construction of doll cradles for needy children and Christmas time. Another project was the construction of a Manger scene for display on campus during the Christmas season. Other projects include building birdhouses for campus bluebirds, repair of furniture for Sunny Treasures, projects for residents who are not woodworkers, and many more.


There are many projects where the work is a team effort. There's something for everyone to contribute - even a little hot air! The goal is to do something useful and have fun doing it.

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