200 Cars Detailed by Baard!

As you may know, Baard Grindal has been detailing (cleaning and waxing) cars for 5 years, all for free!  He did his 200th car in early October.  Many cars have been done more than once – some up to 6 times.  This is not a one time offer; repeat customers are appreciated.

Waxing a car reduces the possibility of stains on the finish due to bird droppings, leaves, and acid rain and of fading due to the sun.  And it makes the car shiny.

Baard has recently learned how to use a clay bar.  Have you ever gotten your car washed but areas such as the hood still feel rough or sandy?  Clay bar can fix that, which will make the car shine better.  Call him to make an appointment, and he can show you whether this process is helpful or not; then it is up to you.  If you do want it done, a donation for supplies (maximum $20) will be accepted since this material is expensive.  But detailing including clay bar is free as always.

If you are interested you can find more information about the process at the Free Detailing of Cars article that appeared on this website earlier.  To sign up, please call Baard at 8880 so he can make your car a star!