Golf Carts for Free!

Golf Carts for Free - sound too good to be true? But it’s not!

Sunnyside now has two golf carts for all members of the Sunnyside community. Have you seen them parked outside by the Sunnyside Room? Aren’t they just awesome?

So, why free golf cart (rides)? At times, Sunnyside residents and staff are unable to find parking when there is a special event or when Transportation is not able to accommodate all requests for rides. Robin Golliday had been to other retirement centers that had golf cart valets offer her a ride. She found the experience to be warm and welcoming and wanted to bring that to Sunnyside. She has often heard – “there’s no parking,” and “it’s a hard walk in and out of the building.” She thought why not golf carts for Sunnyside and ask residents to volunteer to drive them. And not only for residents but for staff and visitors, too. As well, with the newly acquired “golf course” land, a golf cart would facilitate less-mobile residents’ ability to enjoy it. She also considered that Transportation shuttles don’t run on weekends and a golf cart would help folks to get out and get around on weekends.

Tori Hansen and Josh Lyons came into the equation and thought it was a good idea. Tori had 14 or 15 volunteers who had expressed a lot of interest, and the plan went forward. They decided on electric carts instead of gas because of the odor of the gas and because electric golf carts were not as susceptible to jerky stops and starts. They determined the golf carts would primarily run between the Corson Lobby and the Highlands Lobby, but occasional requests from other places on campus would be considered.

Now for those pesky do’s and don’ts: Residents may check out a golf cart themselves if it is not in use. The keys will be located at the Highlands Receptionist counter. But, you must have a driver’s license. However, if a licensed family member can drive, they are good to go. Next, if you are riding on the back of the cart, the gate belt must be fastened. And, last, the golf carts do not run in inclement weather. Who makes that call? From the top down, the Executive Director. If there is a sudden change in weather, or he is not available, Robin Golliday would be next. However, as this is viewed as also being an opportunity to supplement Transportation, especially on weekends, “Golf Cart Valets” can make the call. They also have the right to suspend service if they feel conditions are not favorable and to refuse service if they consider the situation to be unsafe.

There are several registered Golf Cart Valets who can take you within the Sunnyside community between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. {Note that, depending on the valets’ personal schedules, there may be times when this service is not available.} Valets will be wearing Sunnyside Volunteer Vests with their volunteer badges. The carts are equipped with walkie-talkies to be available for requests.

Now you know all about the Free Golf Cart rides! As this is a new initiative for Sunnyside, input from those using the carts is welcome. Please provide your input to the Highlands receptionist, Robin, or Tori.

--Kat Marlowe