Sunnyside Libraries

Eiland Center Reading, Reference, & Genealogy Library The Eiland Center Reading, Reference, & Genealogy Library is located on the third floor of the Lakeview Wing in Assisted Living.  It consists of two rooms and features an extensive selection of Large Print Books and a wide variety of subject matter (including: Fiction, Non Fiction, Biographies, History, Religious Inspiration, etc.).  A desk-top computer (with large flat-screen monitor) and an adjustable-magnification reader for the visually impaired are also available for resident use.  Sunnyside residents form the Library's Oversight Committee and serve as duty librarians on a weekly rotating schedule.

For questions or information on volunteer opportunities, contact Library Committee Chairperson, Pat Harkins: Cell: (540) 746-6056 or E-Mail:

"Watch the Funside for reviews and new titles added to the library on a monthly basis."

Many publications are coming out at the end of the year with their lists of the Best Books of the Year. We are delighted that so many of the books on those lists are now found on our shelves. You can download our list of the Best Books of 2020, as well as a listing of all books in the library by author or title here:   Best Books of 2020 By Author Inventory By Title Inventory BLOGS
Highlands Library
The Highlands Library is on the third floor of the Highlands building, just opposite the elevators.  Currently, only Highland residents can visit the library in person, but you can see the collection online at the Highlands TinyCat Catalog.  This includes a list of the newest titles added to the collection.  If you find a book you want, click on the blue Remote Checkout, Holds or Questions button and fill in your name and that you want this book. There is a short video of how to do a remote checkout available to help you.  A library volunteer will get the book, put in a checkout card with your name on it and place the book on the top shelf of the book truck in the Highlands Lobby.  This is in the sitting area just to the left as you enter the Highlands. When you are done, you can return the book to the second book shelf.  Any donations to the Library go on the third shelf. As the button states, you can also use this to place a hold on a book or to ask questions, such as "Can you recommend more books like this?".  A book can be checked out for 42 days and you can check out as many titles as desired.  Renews are possible if no other person is waiting for the book. We are always looking for suggestions for new titles; please send these and any comments or questions about the Library to  If you are interested in joining our volunteer staff, please contact Barbara Boothe at