Sunnyside’s Got Snow, Kind of…

By Colleen Cahill-Landis, photos by Mary Rouse

Through the gracious efforts of the Sunnyside Woodworkers we will be guaranteed a white Christmas at Sunnyside, at least next to the Lyons Pavilion.  The guys gathered together this week and made three lighted snowflakes as decorations for the Pavilion. 

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This is all to help support the light show that will be a part of the Sunnyside Shining Through events.  Much effort is being put into the events by the Sunnyside Marketing and Grounds staff, the Woodworkers Group and also by the Technology Group, who are programming the lights to put on a light and music display.

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Residents are also joining in the fun with their own decorations and lights. 

Even Sunnybear and some other animal friends are getting in on the act!

It is great to see everyone pulling together: hooray for all those assisting in making these events so great!