Monday Night Is Scrabble Night!

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SCRABBLE is, first and foremost a word game, and playing with words is a natural form of amusement for many humans. It requires creativity and imagination to enter part or all of one's letters to intersect with other words to form one or more new words.

One of the newest interest groups on campus is made up of people who enjoy making words from random letters. On Monday evenings this group can be found in the Blue Ridge Room in the Highlands very quietly studying a Scrabble board or laughing until they cry.

Recently the highest scoring word was played by Norma Wise. The word JAWS netted her 49 points, and Norma went on to win the game!

A popular game for all ages since 1949, Scrabble can be played by 2-4 players of varied skill levels. Dictionaries can be used. No sign up is needed, and there is no need to bring a partner – just come.

Join the fun at 7:00 p.m. each Monday evening in the Blue Ridge Room in the Highlands. --Mary Rouse