Sunny Style Invitational - Contest #1!

HAVE SOME FUN WITH SUNNY! You may have seen Sunny Bear appearing at many events this summer - Mary Rouse and Kat and Bill Marlowe have been quite busy transporting Sunny and photographing his escapades. They've also captioned a number of these photos to suggest what Sunny might have been thinking about his adventures. Just hover your mouse over these three photos to see their captions.

Now it’s YOUR turn! YOU provide captions for one or more of the pictures below - A, B, and C. (Remember to hover your mouse over each photo to see the A, B, or C label.) Enter as many times as you want, but be sure to label your captions as belonging to Picture A, Picture B, or Picture C.

Email your captions to Sunny at no later than Friday, June 23rd. We’ll print the best captions for Contest #1 in late June.

Then stay tuned for Contest #2!