Sunnyside's Digital World

Sunnyside residents have a wide variety of computers, cameras, phones, televisions, tablets, and other digital devices which have become an absolute necessity of life in today's world. The Geek Squad is a group of volunteers who try to provide support to the Sunnyside community for problems they encounter with their digital assets. The Tech Forum is also a group of volunteers interested in using modern technologies to improve the life of Sunnyside Residents.
Geek Squad
Tech Tips

Tech Tips is an irregular column by Linda-Lee ("L-L") DeVecchia on helpful ideas about computers and computer programs.

Tech Tips

In addition to support for resident's digital needs, the Geek Squad has been working to develop "best practices" that might help to guide residents as they navigate the digital world. These practices have been captured as recommendations that seem effective for Sunnyside Residents in a variety of areas related to computers and technology. The following links will take you to the recommendations in specific areas. To the best of their ability, the Geek Squad will try to update these recommendations to address new needs and the evolving technology.

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